Equipping Our Volunteers

On September 23rd Feed Lake Highlands and Outreach Ministries co-hosted a team member training for all the volunteers.

This training focused on inspiring, informing and instructing everyone involved with our programs so that we can serve our community better and work more cohesively as a team.


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Our three-hour session included a message from Norman Madawo about why we serve; a call to action based on Matthew 25 and Galatians 6:2. Joy Martin blessed us with a part of her story. She shared her struggle to break out of the behavior patterns ingrained by growing up in an environment of poverty and instability.

Volunteers learned the history of Feed Lake Highlands and Outreach, who we serve, what it's like to live in poverty and heard a talk on the characteristics and traits of people who live in poverty, middle income and wealth.

We are excited to continue to focus on serving with excellence, intention, kindness, and love.

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