Ropa Moyo: Camper to Kaleo

I feel like the first time to do anything is just like the first day of Kindergarten all over again. There’s a bit of excitement, some nerves, but also, there is just so much that is unknown.

However, sometimes there are people that are in your life that have gone before you and can speak to all the uncertainty, and while you will definitely have your own experiences, there is some relief to share in someone else's.

For me, that person is Ropa Moyo, a junior at Stephen F. Austin. Ropa grew up attending any and all New Room Community Center programming, including Kids Across America Camp in Missouri. Ropa was a camper for 8 years, and when she graduated, she came back as an adult leader, known as a Kaleo.

Ropa has a unique perspective on Kids Across America camp, a place that is near and dear to her heart. It is a place that encouraged a lot of personal growth, a place where she took her faith as her own, and a place she continues to learn more and more about our loving and persistent God.

Ropa shared the joys of camp and eased my nerves, as I prepare for my first trip up to Missouri. I was never a camp kid, and while I know this is a very different experience, Ropa was so willing to share her wisdom and help me to set my expectations.

We also have many first time campers, and I am so thankful Ropa was able to impart her wisdom as we look forward to June 9th, when the bus begins the trek to Missouri for a great week at camp!    

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