Post Office Food Drive

“We like to make the community aware,” explained Sherii, Lake Highlands Post Office Manager.  “We think it is important that our workers and those who we deliver to understand the impact we can collectively make.”

That is the heart behind a neighborhood-wide food drive that is facilitated by the Lake Highlands Post Office, and for the past few years the donations have helped hundreds of our Program Members to receive a variety of canned goods and donated items that we typically cannot provide for them. United States Post Office Workers distribute bags throughout Lake Highlands that urge residents to donate non-perishable items, that would in turn be picked up by the Post Office workers and given back to the community.

Early on a Thursday morning, I gathered with the postal workers and explained that as they drove their routes, they see the residents of Lake Highlands that this donation will be impacting. They knew the areas within the zipcodes we serve, and I knew they could put a face to the paper bags and cans that they would be collecting. I shared with them that whatever cans were donated would impact 210 families that totaled 750 individuals that live at or below the poverty line in Lake Highlands. 

A few weeks later, after a pick-up day full of torrential downpours and flash flooding, we loaded one car, one truck and a church van full of cans and non-perishable items and transported them over to the New Room. After another unloading, our EPIC students set up our L-shaped shopping route and sorted the 1500 pounds of donated foods. 

Due to this generous, community effort, Feed Lake Highlands was able to distribute green beans, corn, mixed beans, mixed veggies, cans of protein, mixed fruit, baking ingredients, and many other exciting options that our program members are not used to seeing on our tables. 

We are thankful for the partnership with the Lake Highlands Post Office, and we are grateful that this food drive allows us to say “Together WE can fight hunger in Lake Highlands!” 

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