In Memory: Don Gosting, Sr. 1919 - 2016

Many of you worked with Mr. Don at Feed Lake Highlands; others may remember him passing out the reminder pickup dates.
Some may remember celebrating his 95th and 96th birthdays at The New Room at the first Wednesday pickup dates. Each of you helped celebrate his lifelong commitment to Christ to love thy neighbor and feed the hungry. Those of you who worked with him and received from him became his community, along with those in the traditional service at LHUMC whom he saw each Sunday. He prayed for you each day as you became his church family.

Mr. Don’s volunteer commitments were many. Lions Club for eyesight, the Shriners to raise money for the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and to relieve hunger he contributed to many charities. When in his hometown church, Newkirk First United Methodist in Oklahoma, he rotated with other churches to serve the hungry and homeless where he volunteered.
The sweet gestures the FLH team gave Mr. Don were priceless. The greetings, the hugs, a slice of Katy’s banana bread, taking the time to talk to him, and walking him to the car showed your caring and respect. You lifted him and gave him purpose.  He was a good man, a kind man, a strong Christian, and he brought His light to us to share with others. 

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