New and Improved Food Distribution System

Our mission at Feed Lake Highlands is more than just giving people food. It's feeding our program members at all levels; providing them with nourishment for their bodies, minds, and spirits. With that in mind, we recently revamped our Food Distribution System.

Now, instead of just being the place where they pick up their food, we have intentionally built in time for conversation, education, and friendship. In the past members would arrive and check-in. Now, when they enter, they are greeted by one of our team and led to the conversation area while they wait for their turn to shop. While in the conversation area they can chat with Katy, a registered nurse, have their blood pressure taken and pick up their monthly scripture reading plan. When it is their turn to pick up their food they have many more options than before. In the past, they just picked up pre-packed sacks of groceries. With our new system, they can choose the foods that work for the needs of their family. They shop for their groceries accompanied by one of our team members. Together they walk the “shopping aisle" with the team member building in time to talk and get to know each other. The conversations they have along the way help us learn more about them and what they need. By getting members to be more involved in their food selection, we reduce waste, give them more options and focus on relationship building.

If you are a professional working in the area of health, nutrition, cooking or fitness we are looking for people just like you to host topical talks or demos in our conversation area.

Contact us via the volunteer form if you are interested.

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