Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up

Cleaning is definitely not listed as one of my spiritual or physical gifts.  Nor is it my love language in any form or fashion. The Lord is so very good and He blessed us this year with an abundance of folks who love to serve Him by sharing their time, willingness and cleaning skills.  Every inch of the New Room sparkles and cabinets, closets and clothes racks are organized monthly. We are grateful for our partners -- the women of Lake Highlands Women’s League, the moms and daughters of the Lake Highlands National Charity League and the men, women, children and youth of Lake Highlands Church.  These groups send cleaners with energy and enthusiasm to tackle dusting furniture, defrosting freezers and de-cluttering closets. While cleaning takes place, stories about the New Room are told and community happens!


Ministry can be messy, and we give thanks for the many cleaners we have in our midst.  Our weekend cleaners work indirectly with the volunteers we see throughout the week, to make sure our space is always sparkling. Mackenzie says each Wednesday evening after Food Distribution that vacuuming is David’s love language and Pamela says the same thing on Sunday afternoons about Jocaniah!  We are grateful and say thanks for these men and their cleaning skills each week. After long Wednesdays and Sundays, it is so great to have partners like them come in to clean and reset the New Room for the next day of ministry.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that so many groups of people would take the time to put some much needed TLC into The New Room!

Thank you one and all!

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