Feeding Body, Mind, and Spirit 

Our programs are designed to address more than a short-term food need. We foster deep relationships with our program members by assisting them with food, clothes and life skills classes. We focus specifically on those who live on fixed, limited, and low incomes.

Feeding the Body - Food Distribution

Food insecurity has a ripple effect in our community, the effects of which are felt well beyond the person experiencing pangs of hunger. A hungry child is more susceptible to illness and, therefore, misses more school and learns at a slower pace. Increased illness and mental lethargy or distraction due to hunger impact the entire classroom and, in the end, all students are affected.

For six years, we have distributed supplemental groceries to Lake Highlands residents in need. We provide 15-20 pounds of healthy food per person monthly. We serve 200 households, with a total of 700 program members. Many of our members walk to monthly food distribution. As a result, we provide rolling carts to help them transport their groceries. Through our partnership with the the Lake Highlands YMCA, we also offer classes for pre-diabetic children.

Feeding the Mind -  After School Programs

We tutor and mentor 30 at-risk students enrolled in first through sixth grades. Students in the program come from Richardson ISD’s Skyview, Thurgood Marshall, and Wallace elementary schools. 75% of the students in our program come from Spanish-speaking homes.

Students meet with our after school program team members twice a week. Our Reading Buddies and Math Roundtables improve their basic academic skills. Last year our team members launched an arts program. This program helps kids learn about scripture in a fun and interactive way. It also reinforces basic learning fundamentals. Consistent involvement in the after school program prepares students for success in the classroom. They learn life skills and build character.

Feeding the Spirit - Summer Camp Experiences

We offer summer camp experiences to 85 EPIC students and members of the New Room Community Fellowship. Campers can take part in two different camp experiences.

First through fifth graders register for Pine Cove Camp in the City. Pine Cove is a weeklong summer camp hosted at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church. Students ages 9-18 attend Kids Across America Camp (KAA) in Missouri. Both camps provide students living in difficult circumstances a safe, accepting, empowering space. They experience unconditional love. They also learn to become the person they were created to be. We believe a week at camp can transform their lives.

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